About My Future Workforce

Local employment is a hot topic whether you are seeking work or looking for the right candidate for the job.

What’s the solution?

My Future Workforce (MFW) is a new community endorsed solution designed to connect Jobseekers, Employers and Service Providers.

Focusing on connecting local people to local jobs, the platform offers a simple and streamlined approach to job matching.

How does My Future Workforce work?

Jobseekers and students benefit from a personalised dashboard where they can add information to improve job matching and see recommended positions, courses and support.

MFW enables streamlined workforce recruitment and retention for employers. Posting new jobs and work experience opportunities is quick and easy. Outlining required skills and expertise enables employers to only receive applications from the best suited candidates and reduces the time needed to find the right person for the job.

For training organisations and support services, My Future Workforce is the place to list courses, events and services for targeted promotion to employers, job seekers or both.

How is My Future Workforce different?

MFW embodies a simple registration system for all users, that is logical and easy to navigate. The platform enables instant access to the real needs of employers and jobseekers across our region and matches local people with local jobs

With the launch of this new platform, Job seekers, Employers and Service Providers are encouraged to sign up now and make the most of building a brighter outlook for our future workforce.